Four Walls: Contributor Guidelines

Four Walls is more than happy to publish high-quality content and share it with our audience of tenants across the country. If you’re the author of a great story that would be helpful for tenants, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with an article pitch.

Here’s what we are looking for:

Unique Content 

We only accept original tenant-related pieces that have not been published before. 

Acceptable Length

We do not require a specific word count, but we recommend keeping the length of a piece between 700-1200 words.

No Self-Promotion

Direct self-promotion is not allowed. However, you may add up to three reliable and non-advertorial links to any resources you used in preparing the article.

Note: Please refrain from including irrelevant links or links that may contain offensive content of any kind. 


You may select whether we publish your article under your own name with a short bio, or as a generic Four Walls author. 

Four Walls reserves the right to edit the formatting, grammar and title of any article submitted for publication.