For many people, the summer is the most anticipated time of the year. With summer comes warm weather, more opportunities for outdoor activities and travel, and additional time to spend with family and friends. Unfortunately, summer also invites more household pests. During these months, unwanted critters such as spiders, wasps, ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches become more prevalent.

All of these various pests can pose challenges both in and out of your home. However, by following a few specific guidelines, you can successfully keep unwanted pests away. Spend your time enjoying your summer instead of dealing with these annoying creatures! However, if an infestation gets out of control, make sure to tell your landlord because pest control is a critical maintenance issue.

Keep Your Place Clean

Protecting yourself against pests begins with not letting them inside your home in the first place. You can do this by maintaining a clean and orderly space. Any living creature needs a food supply to survive and thrive; pests are no different. Eliminating food sources will go a long way towards discouraging pests to invade your home. This requires diligence, but consistently cleaning your place can go a long way.

In particular, keep your kitchen tidy at all times. For obvious reasons, the kitchen is the most popular spot for pests to congregate. Sweep your floor and mop it often, daily if possible, removing crumbs and other debris. Make sure that tables and countertops are free of food particles as well. Wipe them down after every meal and throughout the day.

Another crucial chore to keep up with is vacuuming your carpets. Pests such as ants and spiders can hide in these areas quite easily. Running your vacuum through the house frequently will discourage pests from infiltrating these areas.

Bar Their Way Inside

Given their small size, it doesn’t take much for household pests to get into your home. Pests enter through tiny openings. but you can make this much more difficult. Inspect your place for areas in which they might be entering. If you see any gaps or holes outside your home where pests can gain access inside, notify your landlord or handle the matter as soon as possible.

Sealing gaps around windows and doors can be an effective way to keep out pests. Using caulk will eliminate these openings and keep pests out. Pests also like to come inside through vents and areas where pipes and wires are coming in and out of the house, so it’s smart to cover these places with mesh to discourage their entry.

Fix Water Problems

Pests aren’t just on the lookout for food; they need water, too. Don’t make it easy for them to find something to drink inside your house. Pay attention to water sources that may be inviting them indoors. Before you go to bed at night, for example, there are some crucial steps you should take.

Ensure that your kitchen and bathroom sinks are clean and dry. Don’t leave standing water or any wet dishes in or around the sinks. Don’t let faucets drip and fix leaky pipes promptly. It’s also a good idea to keep your pet’s water dish outside of the house overnight. Also look outside your home, for any areas where water may be collecting such as near rain gutters and downspouts.

Take Care of Your Skin

When you venture outside of your home during the summer, protect yourself against mosquito bites and tick attacks. Wearing mosquito repellent can be an effective defense against these annoying insects. It’s especially important to put on repellant when you’re outside during the evening hours or near standing water.

When temperatures climb, you’ll feel inclined to wear clothes such as shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Be cautious about doing this if you’re in areas where mosquitoes and ticks are most prevalent. While hiking or camping, wear long sleeves and pants if possible. Be mindful of walking through brush and tall grass.

Don’t Leave Food Outside

You’re likely to enjoy picnics and barbecues outside during the summer. Everyone enjoys an outdoor gathering with family and friends. Unfortunately, pests such as wasps love these opportunities as well. To keep these insects away during your meals, try lighting a few candles and placing them on your tables.

You can also minimize the chances of seeing these pests in the first place by keeping the area outside of your home clean. Throw away plates and utensils when you’re finished eating. Don’t keep leftover food outdoors after your meal is over. Also, make sure that garbage cans and sacks are properly sealed.

Pests can sour the fun summer months, but with a few simple steps, you can avoid much of the discomfort they cause. By following these guidelines, you can avoid a lot of unpleasantness and inconvenience. Pests don’t have to take over your home and yard and ruin your summer. Stay safe and keep these creatures far away!