Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is to start. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn, as you can always put something aside if you’re conscientious. For most of us, saving money is not an easy task as it can involve sacrifices and making smart decisions. People who save regularly have learned to balance their expenses. Having a healthy savings allows you to be prepared for any emergency that may come your way. If you struggle to save money, there are several ways to motivate yourself to achieve your savings goals. Here are a few ways that you can prioritize when it comes to saving money.

Monthly Budget 

Creating a monthly budget is a crucial first step. When you begin organizing your budget, you should aim to save at least 10 to 15 percent of your monthly income. A monthly budget will establish boundaries and limit yourself from overspending. Itemize all your necessary monthly expenditures such as bills, loans, vehicle maintenance, and so on. This will help you identify and differentiate what you need to save and cut back on.

Set Savings Goals

The most important step that will motivate you to save money is setting an achievable goal. Whether you are saving for a wedding, a vacation, buying a home, and so forth, have something in mind to motivate you. Once you have set your goal, begin to visualize it. Visualizing your goal every day will help you make the necessary changes to achieve that goal. If you are saving pointlessly and not looking towards something in particular, it is hard to stay motivated to save money. Set different milestones, both long-term and short-term, which will give you a feeling of accomplishment as you continue to check them off. (If you are in search of a home, Port Credit has great condos you may want to check out.) 

Cut out Excessive Spending 

Once you have created a budget, you will notice if your monthly expenses are high or not. If they are high, then you won’t be able to save as much as you would like. Most people attempt to go all in and cut off every non-essential, which is great but can make it harder to be consistent. It’s better to take it slow and cut off one or two expenses at a time. Identify expenses that you can cut out such unnecessary subscriptions or memberships, excessive eating out or daily expensive coffee. Every one or two months or after a personal milestone, reward yourself with purchasing an item you’ve been looking forward to. This will help you remain consistent and focused on your savings.

Make Automatic Transfers

A great benefit of automatic transfers is that they can help you save money. Nowadays, most banks around the world offer direct deposits or transfers through online banking features. You can even set up a percentage of your paycheck to be directly deposited in your savings account. By doing so, you will be able to keep your savings in check and will be rewarded by being able to watch the balance rise every month. Automatic transfers are one of the easiest ways to help save money and manage your finances well. 

Read Finance Blogs

Another excellent way to motivate yourself to save money is to read finance blogs. These blogs often contain tips and tricks that you can implement to reach your financial goals. Many bloggers share their own experiences as they struggled through debt, depleted savings, or even failed investments. These blogs can encourage and motivate you to adopt healthy financial habits that can prove to be beneficial in the longer run. Once you have been consistent in saving, share your successes with your friends and family. 

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

The people you spend time with can play a huge role in your ability to save money successfully. Meeting like-minded people may not always be easy but it is important. The people whom you surround yourself with will support you in your journey and help you stay motivated when you feel like giving up. Another great thing to do is to set up inexpensive and fun gatherings with your friends such as gardening, crafts, or potlucks. Consider a movie night with your friends instead of heading out to the movies and spending a lot on tickets and snacks. 

Review Your Savings 

After you have established a saving strategy and have been consistent in working towards your goal, ensure that you review your budget every month and make any adjustments as needed. For every change you make in your budget, see how it affects your savings and expenditures. Understanding how different choices impact your overall savings will help you reach your goals faster.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re renting or own your property. You can still use the above-mentioned tips to save money. While a chunk of your income will obviously need to go towards your monthly rent, you can still  manage to save money by making smart choices in your daily routine. To start off, choosing a property that is less than 30% of your overall income will help you make ends meet more easily. Before you move in, ensure that you check for leaks, the meter reading, necessary electrical work, etc. Paying your rent on time will save you from any additional charges as well as help you build a good credit score. These are just some of the ways you can still save money even while renting. 

Motivating yourself to save money can be difficult but visualizing your goal at every step is essential. Above all, be honest with yourself and ask for help from people who can push you forward towards your goal.