If you’re an avid reader, having a space to curl up with a book can bring an extra boost of happiness — and right now having a place to escape is more important than ever. When you need a break from scrolling through the news or working from home, stepping away from your computer and create a space for yourself.

No matter how small your space is, building a reading nook is an easy way to make an oasis in your apartment. Here are a few quick tips for putting together a space that feels personal and is ideal for cozying up with a book.

Make Use of Natural Light

If possible, situating your book nook beside a window is a lovely way to utilize soft, natural lighting. This works to brighten up a room and bring an extra glow to any space you inhabit. If the sun is too harsh, adding sheer curtains can soften the rays without darkening the space. 

Natural light can make your nook feel brighter and warmer by giving it a soothing glow, which works perfectly for the casual, comfortable inspiration you’re looking for.

Brighten Things Up

Finding sources of lighting with a warmer glow to them is the ultimate easy way to make a space cozier. String lights, artificial candles, rock salt lamps, and fairy lights can add ambiance and make your nook feel special and comfortable. 

These lighting sources aren’t as bright as an average office lamp, but they offer just enough glow that you can read during the day. Then, when night falls, you can turn on a reading light or book lamp to take in your favorite stories until dusk.

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

One of the best ways to get in the mood for a night of literature is to put your treasures on full display — which means your bookshelf can serve as both decoration and inspiration. 

Make it a part of your reading nook however it can best fit, whether it serves as a barrier to the rest of your living space or simply lines the wall for your musing and storage needs. You can even look into making your own custom bookshelf so it can truly become your own. 

Utilize Textures

Playing with textures can make your space look and feel even more comfortable and inviting than you ever expected. Layering blankets and pillows, adding accessories like rugs or tapestries, and finding art and decor that play within the realm of softness can make your reading nook both sophisticated and personal. Layers and textures add extra coziness and make an area look lived-in, which is exactly the idea behind your nook. 

Then, relax and read in your comfortable nook.

Creating a space especially for reading is the perfect way to treat yourself and keep practicing your good habit. Your book nook will be uniquely yours, and you can use it to travel the world through stories from the comfort of your own home.