Despite everyone’s best efforts, summer is winding down. If you’re heading to college this fall, you’ve probably either settled into your new place or are getting ready to load everything up and make the move.

Since you’re a college student, let’s assume you’re smart enough to have the basics already: Bed risers, an Ikea desk and a case of ramen noodles. Here are some last-minute additions to your student apartment that will make this school year as flawless as possible.

1. Digital piggy bank.

Not to dwell on the old “broke college kid” trope, but it exists for a reason. The little things you do to save money can have a big impact on your quality of life, and that’s where a digital piggy bank come in.

This one doubles as functional decoration that tells you how much you have saved and what kind of coins are in there (for when it’s finally time to round up quarters and head to the laundromat). You’ll be grateful you stashed all that change away when you’re not waiting in line with 20 other people trying to donate plasma for some quick cash.

2. Command strips.

Pack more of these than you think you’ll need. From hanging up real art that makes your student housing feel more like home to organizing kitchen utensils, there are hundreds of ways to use these little strips. Plus, it won’t cost you your deposit when you move out.

3. Blackout curtains.

Erratic sleeping patterns are all part of the college experience, but it’s never fun being woken up by the glaring sun when you just hopped into bed a few hours ago. Switching out normal curtains for blackout ones is an easy way to make your bedroom a haven, even when you pulled an all-nighter studying for finals.

4. Smart outlet plugs.

If you live with roommates, at some point there will be complaints about the person who leaves the lights on all the time. Don’t be that person. Instead, invest in lamps and smart plugs like this one that you can control using your phone. That way, you can turn all your lights off as you’re dashing out the door to catch the campus shuttle.

5. A plant that’s hard to kill.

Want to look like you have your life together? Get a plant for your apartment. Look for ones that will thrive despite cinder block walls and your busy schedule, like snake plants or Philodendron. Both of those can live in low-light settings and don’t require regular watering.

Have an amazing school year, enjoy the adventure, and don’t forget to call your mom.

Amanda Mears
Amanda has worked as a journalist, an SEO copywriter, and a social media specialist. Her aim as a Four Walls contributor is to provide something worth reading and create a community for people who lease and love it. She’s also a real person, not just a mysterious internet writer, who loves silversmithing, podcast-binging, and trying to figure out how to fix her rented apartment’s bad linoleum floor (see, just like you!)