As amazing as the sun can feel after a long winter, there’s a point when summer comes and cold air sounds better. The summer heat that we’re dealing with now can be cured (at least partially) with these few tips.

One preferred tactic for keeping your home cool during the heat of the summer is the cheapest…avoiding the use of air conditioning as much as possible. After living in over eight apartments (in different cities) in the past three years, only one of those eight apartments had an air conditioning unit installed. Unfortunately, the only apartment that DID have an a/c unit was in the coldest city that I lived in. Although seven of the cities were humid, I managed to discover ways to be more comfortable at home while it was a 100ºF sauna outside.

Close Your Blinds

Keeping your blinds and shades closed will do wonders. According to FamilyHandyman, this simple trick will keep roughly 30 percent of unwanted heat from entering through your windows. The sun’s piercing rays are your enemy when bringing the temperature down.

Be a Fan of Fans

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the play on words, but fans are cheap and “fan”tastic. Fans move the stagnant warm air and they feel great when you are burning up. Move a small fan with you wherever you go. If your place has a ceiling fan, take advantage of it and turn that bad boy on. Make sure the ceiling fan is turning counter-clockwise. explains that it creates a chilling effect, and certain fans have this summer setting. Make your apartment more windy than Chicago.

Natural Airflow

Take advantage of a windy day, and at night open windows to allow the cool night air to circulate through your home. It’s not rocket science, open two windows opposite from each other to get a nice, natural air stream flowing.

Avoid the Oven

As much as everyone loves baked cookies, avoid using the oven as much as possible. The oven releases a ton of heat, so avoid turning your own place into an oven. One alternative is to barbecue. Who is going to complain about that? Whether it is your own barbecue or one at your apartment complex, it can be worth the effort for the temperature of your home to remain cool and it benefits the stomach with tasty food.

Be a Basement Dweller

If you have a basement, that is a blessing in disguise in the summer. It is dark, underground, and the temperature is perfect. If you have a basement, consider sleeping down there on the hot days.

Swap your Bed Sheets

Don’t use thick or warm sheets in the summer. Consider alternative materials such as Egyptian cotton or silk. Don’t make yourself hotter than you need to be.


Dress like it is hot outside. Who would have thought? Sarcasm aside. Clothing is everything so make sure you are wearing clothes that breathe. Remember the less you wear, the more comfortable you’ll be (get bonus comfort if you live alone). Definitely don’t be the one wearing a winter coat in summer.

Quinn Pitcher
Quinn is a student and has studied at Utah State University and currently studies at Brigham Young University. He is pursuing to enter the business world and he speaks Portuguese fluently. As a Four Walls contributor, he hopes to provide a student’s perspective in the renting world and share great ideas for renters just like him. He enjoys watching football, ice hockey, and soccer. His favorite thing to do is learn and experience different cultures.