Checkbook, what’s a checkbook? If you rent, you probably keep one of these relics next to your rotary dial phone just to write out the monthly rent check. Luckily, paying rent online is a thing.

Here are five reasons to ask your landlord if you can start paying online:

1. It’s easier to split rent and utilities with a roommate
When you use a rent payment site (like Rentler Payments), you can split rent between as many people as you want. That means you’ll never have to split up a rent or utility payments yourself and hope your roommates get the money in on time. Plus, you’ll have a digital record of what you’ve paid if a dispute ever arises.

2. You can pay throughout the month
If you’re used to designating the first paycheck of the month as “rent paycheck” and living on ramen noodles for the next two weeks, this feature is going to make budgeting way easier.

Once you and your landlord have set up payment accounts through Rentler, you can contribute small increments anytime you want before the due date. Your landlord will still get the full rent amount on the date it’s due, without having to see when you made payments.

3. It could help your credit history
Rentler Payments has collaborated with Experian RentBureau and soon you’ll be able to allow landlords and property managers to report positive rental payments whenever you pay rent on time. That means you can potentially get lower interest rates, increase your credit limit and build your credit history just by continuing to pay rent.

4. You can procrastinate
Imagine a blissful rental utopia where you don’t have to rely on checks, stamps, envelopes and calendar reminders set a week in advance. Instead, you can log in and easily submit a payment with a card.

5. Auto pay means one less thing to remember
Rentler Payments allows you to set a monthly recurring payment so you never miss a payment and never have to pay late fees. Another bonus when you pay with auto pay through Rentler’s secure site is that you’ll never have to worry about a check getting lost in the mail or even stolen from a mailbox.