Common sense dictates that when you live in a small space, you don’t want too many big pieces of furniture. At the same time, though, spending all your extra cash to buy small items that won’t grow with you isn’t the best option financially.

Say YES to these small furniture options:


sofaWest Elm // Crate and Barrel // Urban Outfitters

If there no room in your rental for a normal-sized couch, don’t settle for a futon. Instead look for love seats or small-sized couches (often called apartment couches) that will match the scale of your apartment perfectly.

It makes sense to spend a little more money on a nice pint-sized couch, since you can easily buy a larger couch and keep the loveseat for when you upgrade to more square footage.


deskIkea // Crate and Barrel // West Elm

Unless you work from home, it’s probably not necessary to take up valuable space with a full desk setup. Instead, opt for a laptop tray or a desk that folds down from the wall as a temporary work space. Otherwise, just use your computer while you’re reclining in bed like the rest of us.

If you have a desktop, a mini workstations that uses vertical space for storage is a good option. You can tuck it in the corner where it serves the dual-purpose of holding your computer and drawing the eye up, which makes the room look larger.

Say NO to buying these things in a mini version:


nightstandHGTV // Bed Bath and Beyond // Desire to Inspire

If you’re considering a full-size bed to save a few extra inches, trust me it’s not worth it. A bed is a big investment, so if you’re going to spend the cash you might as get a queen (or king if you’re sharing a bed and living in a palace) that can move with you into a larger bedroom.

Make up for the sacrificed space by foregoing a nightstand and using a small wall-mounted shelf or pocket that attaches to your mattress to hold a few essentials.

Coffee Table

coffee tableWest Elm // Target // Etsy

Don’t bother wasting money on a mini coffee table that will be too small to be functional. Instead, get two nesting side tables that you can use separately or push together for a makeshift coffee table if you have the space.

If you don’t, there are options like sofa arm tables that work as makeshift drink and snack holders until your living room is less cramped.