More families than ever are choosing to live in an apartment, even with children. Renting a place can give you flexibility, the opportunity to live in an area you could never afford to buy in and a little community built right in. There are also certain challenges that come with raising kids in a rentel. Here’s some of the best ideas more making a home from a rented space.

Make sure the radiators and outlets are covered // Pre-war apartments will usually have radiators that can cause severe burns when they’re running and faulty electric outlets.

To cover the radiator in a temporary way that won’t cost you a deposit, look for collapsable radiator covers or try building one yourself.

Install baby gates for young children // If you have any stairs or areas that are off-limits, look for pressure-mounted gates and you won’t have to screw anything into door frames.

If you live in a townhouse or a single-family house with stairs you HAVE to have a screw mount gate at the top of stairs. Pressure-mounted ones won’t be able to withstand the weight of a small body. Your landlord should understand, but make sure they know you’ll repair, or pay to repair, the damage when you move out.

Get as many rugs as you can handle // Not only will rugs pad the floor as your babies learn to crawl and walk, they’ll shield the neighbors from hearing the thuds that accompany those milestones. Layer them up (use these pictures for inspiration) and place rug pads underneath.

Even if you have carpet, you may want to think about placing a decorative rug over it. That way, stains and messes will be less stressful.

Re-purpose nooks and crannies // If you’re raising a family in a rental you’re probably looking to utilize any space you can. In popular metro cities like NYC, some moms are even turning closets into rooms for small kids.

To do this, remove the doors (most landlords will store them for you in a storage area), and decorate using lots of shelves, stacking crates, and imagination.