We all know that going green is in these days, and for good reasons, too: global warming, climate changes, diminishing natural resources, carbon emission and growing pollution are some of the aggravating world problems which environmentalists are trying to tackle through earth-friendly campaigns.

An issue that’s become extremely pressing in many parts of the world of late is water scarcity. According to the UN data, one-fifth of the world population is plagued by water shortages and it may not be long before we all face the perils of low H2O supply.

With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to minimize water waste and cut utility bills for your rental property with the help of water-efficient technology.

Dual-Flush Toilet Converters

Dual flush converters are very convenient water-saving devices which can be installed on literally any toilet without the need for complete bowl and/or tank replacement. Thanks to their clever design and adjustable flush features, these converters allow you to control the amount of water tenants use per flush

They’re also available at an affordable price, so it will save you money on both short-term upgrade costs and long-term utility costs. This is especially nice for landlords who take care of the water bill, but it can be a selling point if your tenant takes care of all utilities.

High-Efficiency Faucet Aerators

Aerators are faucet add-ons that can be easily screwed onto any indoor faucet head to prevent splashing, reduce stream noise, increase water pressure and shape the flow released from the spout, thus conserving H2O and energy needed for heating up water.

High-efficiency aerators are extremely cheap, so they’re definitely one of the best water-saving investments for your rental property if your appliances down’t already include them.

Low-Flow Shower Heads

Showers use lots of water and the amount of H2O waste is significant. For a quick switch to better water management, try a water-efficient shower head with stream control features.

Eco-friendly showers let you enjoy all the wonders of a refreshing hot shower with minimal water and energy waste. There are several different green shower head models on the market, so you’ll easily find the one that fits your budget and preferences.

Toilet Tank Bags

Toilet tank inserts are a quick fix for any rental home where water waste is an issue. Affordable and simple to install, toilet tank bags reduce water consumption per flush without any other changes in your toilet usage habits.

Depending on your water tank capacity and individual flushing needs, you can use inserts that are either filled to the brim (for maximum savings) or you can fit them in the tank semi-full (for a more intense flush).

Water Flow Valves

Flow valves are designed to temporarily reduce or completely interrupt water flow during use, so they’re extremely practical for sinks in rentals without a diswasher (they can lower the faucet stream during the dish soaping intervals) and showers (for a good body-soaping routine with minimal water waste).

On top of saving H2O, these smart devices will also cut your electricity bill as you won’t need as much energy to heat up water – hitting two bills with one tool.

In a recent conversation with some seasoned plumbers, it was brought to my attention that you can even try combining two or more water-efficient devices. For instance, a toilet tank bag paired with a water-efficient shower head and a flow valve may cut utility bills for your rental property by over 50%.

Now, that’s a figure that shouldn’t be taken lightly – and you’ll still be getting all the water you need for your daily hygiene. Don’t ask Mother Nature for more than you need – if you want to help this world become a better place, try to be a wise saver, not a careless taker.