In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked landlords what makes them love their tenants. Here’s what we found out:

Make a good first impression// Fill out your application completely and be on time if you have a tour scheduled. This is going to set the tone for your entire experience at your potential new place.

Keep your lease// That way you won’t have to call every time you have a question. FYI: Landlords also love it when you actually read through the whole lease, so they aren’t dropping any surprising news when they have to enforce it.

Talk to your neighbors// Instead of calling every time your neighbor plays loud music, landlords appreciate when you have a civil adult conversation with the person keeping you up at night. If that doesn’t work, you should definitely let the landlord know. You might be surprised at how far a little communication goes when it comes to noise problems though.

Leave an extra set of keys with a friend// Oops, it’s 3 a.m. and you can’t find your keys. The lockout phone call is one that a landlord dreads, some even charge fees each time they have to come rescue you. Leaving a spare set with a friend that lives nearby means you won’t ever have to make that call.

Act like you own it// Take care of your rental like it’s your own property. Not only will this help you get you deposit back, but your landlord appreciates not having to patch holes every time someone leaves.

…but not when it comes to major changes// One exception to the last rule: don’t do any major renovations! Treat it like you own it, but always remember that you don’t.

Pay your rent on time// Contrary to what it may seem like, landlords don’t actually like charging late fees. Most landlords will give good tenants a one-time pass on a late payment, but try not to make it a habit.

Give advance warning if you move out// In most cases, landlords ask for a 30-day notice before you move out. This helps them ensure they have someone to fill your spot. If you have a special circumstance, like your job transferred to a new state, talk to you landlord ASAP and let them know you have to break your lease. They might be willing to work with you.

Ask questions// Before you do anything that will permanently alter your living space, ask. If you don’t see a pet policy in your lease and want a cat, ask. Keeping the lines of communication open will go a long way in your quest to make your landlord love you.

Be smart about bargaining// Landlords want to keep good tenants. That means you have a little bit of room to bargain if rent goes up or you want to upgrade your rental. Before setting up a meeting or call with your landlord, decide what you’re willing to do and present it in a well thought-out way.