Looking at an application and a background check is the best way for a landlord to know what kind of tenant you’re going to be, so it’s not an exaggeration when we say a complete application can heavily impact your chances of making a good first impression.

Instead of crossing your fingers and waiting around like a game show contestant anxious to find out if they’re getting voted to the next round, make the cut for the apartment of your dreams with a strong application that highlights what an amazing tenant you’ll be.

Here are some tips for perfecting your application if you’re applying to any properties you found on Rentler:

Put some thought into your description. When you’re using Rentler, there’s space in your profile to write a few sentences about yourself. Take advantage of it and make your application more personal so that it stands out.

Fill out complete work history. Like a resume, don’t leave any unexplained gaps in your employment history.

Make sure your past residential info is correct. Have the phone numbers for all past landlords and the right addresses. If a future landlord can’t reach anyone for references it can hurt your chances of getting the apartment you want.

Don’t lie about pets. Instead, be up front and your future landlord might be willing to work with your pet situation. Plus, this way you don’t have to worry about being charged unexpected pet fees in the future.

Answer the other questions completely. These are super important. Rentler asks things like “Are you a smoker?” and “Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?” which might seem too personal, but these are the questions that potential landlords will find most important.

When you’re done filing out your application, save it all. Then, you can submit your application the moment you see an apartment you like.

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Amanda Mears
Amanda has worked as a journalist, an SEO copywriter, and a social media specialist. Her aim as a Four Walls contributor is to provide something worth reading and create a community for people who lease and love it. She’s also a real person, not just a mysterious internet writer, who loves silversmithing, podcast-binging, and trying to figure out how to fix her rented apartment’s bad linoleum floor (see, just like you!)