Do you still make resolutions on New Year’s Day? Even though I know the chance of them sticking is very slim, the organized list-making side of my brain loves making resolutions that may or may not continue past January 2nd.

2015 is coming in fast, so here are a few ideas for renters.

Get to know your neighbors

Living in an apartment is a weird dichotomy. Through the walls you’ve heard your neighbor’s most intimate fights, their parties, and that weird thing they do with their drawers every morning at 7:30 a.m….but you don’t actually know them.

This year, take it from a casual nod in the hallway to a full-blown friendship by leaving a note on their door inviting them over or striking up a conversation that moves past small talk.

As a bonus, this resolution is slightly self-serving. When you’re friends with your neighbor, you’re less likely to be bugged by the sounds of their neurotic cat jumping around or their nighttime furniture re-arranging.


When you live in a rental, recycling sometimes takes an extra step. At my place, I have to sort it all and then transport it to the nearest large recycling receptacles. If you’re like me, make 2015 the year you finally haul those bags of cans, glass, and cardboard out of the house and stop living like someone on “Hoarders”.

If you don’t already recycle then you’re singlehandedly ruining the planet and you should probably get yourself to Ikea and pick up some bins, you monster.

Clean out your closet

Don’t make your space feel even smaller than it is by keeping unnecessary boxes of junk in your closet. If there are boxes that have been following you from apartment to apartment gathering dust, it’s time to go through them. First, throw out paper bills older than two years. Trust me, no one is going to claim that you didn’t pay your credit card bill from September 0f 2010…you don’t need the proof anymore.

Then minimize your wardrobe. If you have old clothes packed away and they aren’t season, just be honest with yourself and let them go.

Bonus: next time you move, you’ll have less to carry.

Do at least one DIY

Online clutter can be just as real as physical clutter. If your life is full of bookmarked Apartment Therapy articles, Pinterest boards, and iPhone lists dedicated to improving your place then 2015 should be the year you pick one project and complete it. It will feel good to have something tangible spring forth from all those pretty pictures you’ve been collecting. Seriously, when I gave my old Ikea Rast drawers a makeover using this tutorial I felt good about myself for days.

Anything to add to the list of New Year’s goals? Tell us!