Here at Rentler we offer a screening system we call Rentability™. Basically, it’s the process both potential tenants and landlords go through before signing a rental agreement or contract. Sometimes is can feel weird to hand over all your personal information, like social security number and account numbers, to a stranger so they can run a background check on you- so we eliminated that whole system. Instead, you just create a profile at, apply for the listings that you love, and your info is sent directly to a credit bureau if you want to proceed. Your possible future landlord gets the results, but nothing else. As an added bonus, you get sent a copy and it doesn’t effect your credit.

Part of the reason we believe in Rentability is because it helps landlords protect their investments, but we think it’s also really beneficial to tenants. It means you get to live in a place where your neighbors have been carefully selected and the community around you can thrive. You’ll find more frequently asked questions on our support page, but here are some of the most popular ones:

What does the Rentability screening include?

Through Rentler, landlords will check your credit report, criminal record, any evictions in your past, and to see if you’re on the national sex offender registry list.

How does Rentler’s screening process work?

The screening process starts when someone is interested in applying to rent a property. In order to begin the process, the potential tenant show interest in the property by messaging the landlord. Once the landlord gets an inquiry, the process generally goes as follows:

  • The landlord initiates a renter screening request by sending you an invite to apply.
  • You are sent the application request and chooses to accept or decline the screening.
  • By accepting the request, you initiate the release of your credit and criminal record information to the landlord through Rentler. By declining, you cancel the rental application. Either way, no personal identifying information such as a Social Security number is released to the landlord.
  • If you accept the request, the landlord receives credit and criminal history information.
  • You are notified of the landlord’s decision.

How long does the screening process take?

While there are multiple steps to screen for Rentability, Rentler provides instant results after you’ve allowed the background and credit checks. The only delays are due to either party not completing one or more steps throughout the process.


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